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+ What is a Virtual School?

The Virtual School acts as a local authority champion to bring about improvements in the education of looked after children and care leavers and to promote their educational achievement as if they were in a single school. Ensuring that they receive a high quality education is the foundation for improving their lives.

The school does not exist as a building. Although we organise and run some events and sessions for children and young people children do not attend our "school" every day - they remain the responsibility of the school at which they are enrolled.

Virtual School is here to raise attainment for our young people through monitoring and tracking individual children's progress and effective coordination of their educational services at both a strategic and operational level.

+ Education advice during Covid-19

+ What do we do?

  • Influence policy and develop and improve services for looked after children and care leavers
  • Promote individual achievement, health, and well-being
  • Provide advice, support and training to professionals, schools, colleges and institutions
  • Improve access to specialist services, including health assessments, mental health assessments and treatment
  • Provide access to professional advice and guidance on education, training and employment
  • Provide additional opportunities for out of school learning and leisure
  • Facilitate access to early education and child care

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