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2021 has started with another level of uncertainty and a return to lockdown. But this time we are familiar with what this looks like. We know that this will mean learning from home for many of us. We also know that we can motivate ourselves to attend classes online, or ask for help if we are finding things difficult.

Remember that the Virtual School is your  education champion. Care may mean you change school, or worried about how to achieve something. Our job is to remove these issues, and help you to be the best you can be.

You will have a Virtual School teacher who will visit you to draw up a plan for your education.The best plans and meetings happen when you are there, making sure your voice is heard.

In school you will also have a designated teacher, called a DT. They will look at your progress, work with us, and spend a grant to enhance your education.

Whatever happens on your education journey the Virtual School is there for you.

We Will:

There are many people who can help support you at school. Your social worker, Virtual School teacher  and other professionals are always there too. If you experience any difficulties with your education, or just want some extra help, you can also get support from The Virtual School Head.

The Virtual School is the term given to the way the local authority checks that you are doing well in your education. It’s called a Virtual School because it monitors all looked after children in your different schools and imagines you as pupils of one 'virtual’ school.

Remember, your wellbeing is very important too. You can always get help and advice from Spotlight Health Hotspot.

Influence policy and develop and improve services for looked after children and care leavers Promote individual achievement, health, and well-being.